Nintendo Related Products

You may have seen a lack of Nintendo products in the last few months. Reason for this is we were sent notification that we are to cease the sale of such products for Nintendo’s consoles, therefore we have fully complied with the requests. We still offer servicing and repairs to Nintendo consoles so sooner or later it might be time to change OzModChips to OzRepairs.
We apologize that we are not able to provide you with these products anymore.
In the meantime we are becoming quite busy repairing Nintendo Switch consoles and we are about to get our full range of replacement parts such as LCD, Left and Right rails, Screws, Speakers, USB ports, Joycon rails, Buttons, Joysticks etc.

We have this product/service here that covers all repairs/services/replacement/installations/etc for the Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite.…/nintendo-switch-repairs-servicing/

So if you have the part you simply:
1. Purchase the above product/service
2. We will send you instructions to send your console, parts & instructions to us.
3. We will follow the included instructions to replace the part for you and send the console back.

If you do not have the part we will call you and tell you how much the part will cost extra, then you pay the total and we do the service and send it back.