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SX Core & SX Lite

We have received a large number of inquiries about SX Core & SX Lite products as well as installation services for these modchips. We wanted to take this time to express the following statement: OzModChips does not and will not advertise, promote, offer for sale, sell or distribute these modchips and/or programs as they have […]

Nintendo Related Products

You may have seen a lack of Nintendo products in the last few months. Reason for this is we were sent notification that we are to cease the sale of such products for Nintendo’s consoles, therefore we have fully complied with the requests. We still offer servicing and repairs to Nintendo consoles so sooner or […]

Repair Services

As more and more of us become technology dependent, there is a higher need to service and repair these devices. If you have devices that are broken or has some issues feel free to contact us and we will see if we are able to help you fix it. We now offer services for: Game […]


Do let us know if there is something that is not right. Also if you have any suggestions please let us know too, if it’s something that we can implement without too much financial burden then we will get it done. As we get more time we will put more products. None of the products […]

Server Crash & COVID-19

Hi everyone. Thank you very much for being patient with us. For those that don’t know a few weeks ago we lost everything. There had been issues for a few months now and finally our web server died. It crashed and we lost everything listed below: Website Emails Accounts Product Info Correspondences with suppliers Backups […]