Omnia Las Vegas: Glamour and Spectacle on the Las Vegas Strip

Omnia Las Vegas Design & Layout

One of the best nightlife destinations in Vegas ever since it made its grand entrance to Sin City back in 2015, welcome to Omnia Las Vegas. In the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Omnia quickly rose to become one of Sin City’s top nightspots and has drawn a high-profile crowd from celebrities to influencers around the world.

The tale of Omnia Las Vegas started with an exceptional vision of causing workmanship through sensational, never-done new clubbing boondocks that outperformed anything progress in the nightlife scene. A brainchild of the world famous Hakkasan Group, Omnia was built as a multi-floor funhouse where reality and fantasy tend to intertwine – your senses left spinning amidst waves lookalike partygoers.

From the announcement that an Omnia was coming to Las Vegas, all eyes of nightclub social media have been focused on Sin City. Even from the outside, it was clear that this had been a no expense spared luxury playground and with its design led by world renowned Rockwell Group, Bootsy Bellows already stood head and shoulders above all else. The use of futuristic technology and imaginative lighting further reinforced this ambiance giving the impression that you had arrived at a high-caliber, technologically advanced club making for an exceptional night out.

Omnia Las Vegas Design & Layout

The main room inside Omnia Las Vegas, the breathtaking multi-level area at the heart of all of this dramatic energy and buzz. Immerse yourself in a world of opulent decadence, from soaring ceilings and sumptuous seating to the trendy sound system.

A mesmerizing chandelier enveloped in LED lighting sits at the center of the space, taking primary residence within Soho House Berlin’s main room. Nearly 10′ in diameter, this amazing work of engineering and art features fine detailed forms with pulsating lights which create a hypnotizing visual experience that captures the imagination.

Completing the jewel in Surin`s crown are a number of beautifully appointed chill areas and VIP rooms, each with their own unique style and ambiance. Engage in the ultimate voyeurism with a plush private couch, and private bottle service from your private seating area which overlooks The Balcony. Meanwhile, with its massive outdoor area and pretty Las Vegas Strip views The Terrace rocks a breezier vibe.

Omnia Las Vegas Glamour and Spectacle on the Las Vegas Strip

Areas of Omnia Las Vegas

The Main Room

The central space of Omnia Las Vegas becomes the heart and soul of the club, a large multi-level room at its epicenter. Wide-eyed, you are immersed in this fascinating atmosphere that is present all around and which attacks the senses through light frescoes of color aesthetics. Sinclair’s towering ceilings, state of the art sound system and lit LED chandelier from above are alljaw-dropping features that create a space filled with opulence.

Overall, the main room is a feast for the senses and each element of it has been carefully crafted to transport visitors into this world of decadence forever. From the plush seating areas to their expertly crafted cocktails, there is no denying that one of Las Vegas’s most vibrant dance floors bring together a truly memorable night on your club experience.Whether you’re there to party the night away or just bask in luxury, the main room at Omnia Las Vegas doesn’t leave a first-timer unnoticed.

The main room turns into a throbbing dance floor as the night goes on, and internationally acclaimed DJs and artists take to stage treating of crow this electrifying gigs that keep them hyped up. There is a new level of light and special effects with the chandelier at its center, spinning in an impressive display of lights which dazzle and please. It is truly captivate, definitely worth craving for more.

The Terrace

Leaving the main room, guests are greeted by The Terrace; a large outdoor area that provides an intimate and exclusive feel. The Terrace is conceptualized as somewhat of a refuge – a proper get-away from the room’s intense vibes, holding an easier atmosphere yet still esteemed.

The TerraceConsisting of sleek, modern decor with oversized seating booths set up around fire pits and unique views of The Strip Complete with verdant foliage and tasteful lighting displays, the room has a sophisticated yet welcoming feel that makes it ideal for anyone looking to shoot some less strident club vibes.

However, while the Terrace invites sophistication in a beautiful outside setting they are still very much part of Omnia. With precision designed cocktails and bottle service, guests are thrilled by the visual stimuli inside the main room. A proper mix of privacy and vigor that ensures the Terrace is an undeniable addition to any Omnia Las Vegas experience.

The Balcony

The Balcony Located above the main room at Omnia Las Vegas, The Balcony offers a different and unique perspective that also doubles as an exclusive club area. This luxe and intimate, invite-only area is perfect for the most domestic of patrons with its soft seating, table service, private booth tables (for up to 18 guests) offering a bird’s eye view panoramic views from above all.

The Balcony is a haven of luxury and refinement, allow guests too revel in these exclusive pleasures while still being near the beating heart that thrives within its main room. The rich, jewel-tone decor and sophisticated lighting in the space is attended to with white-glove table service – an ambience that reeks of high-end nightlife enjoyment.

However, the Balcony is really so magnified becaus it functions as a viewing platform for those in upstairs overlooking at this main room. It offers guests a great spot to take in all of Omnia’s lavish and captivating entertainment, including its impressive lighting shows and the property’s exceptional DJ residency performances. Which is a perspective that no other view can provide, and offers all the excitement as well as convenience of home for Guests with Carnival Balcony accommodation.

Resident DJs & Guest Artists at Omnia Las Vegas

Omnia Las Vegas boasts an incredible roster of resident DJs and entertainers that reads like the who’s who of talent within the global nightlife industry, firmly establishing itself as a top electronic music destination for live entertainment.

Grammy-Nominated DJ & Producer Kaskade Comes Out Swinging In Support For Omnia Las Vegas Bringing his extraordinary talent in making the crowd go wild with an eclectic blend of melodic house, coupled by a vibrant and engaging stage presence is what has resulted to legions of die-hard supporters that have made KASKADE become one — if not THE most sought after DJ/producer on earth.

But Kaskade is just the beginning of Omnia’s star-filled talent roster. The club also has a host of internationally renowned world-class performers and DJs, such as Tiësto, Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix who all have performed at Omnia with their unique performances.

If you love EDM or just enjoy a good ol’ fashioned live mixing session, the amazing lineup at Omnia certainly isn’t going to let you down I can tell ya. The resident DJs and artists that inhabit this space bring the energy to a momentous crescendo from the pulsating beats of its main room down to the more intimate realms of both The Balcony & Terraces… A truly unique experience for all…musos, clubbers sojourn time after time in London.

OMNIA Las Vegas Special Events & Performances

Already home to a number of the best resident DJ and artist performance in Las Vegas, Omnia is also known for its special events that set it apart from any other club experience at Caesars Palace.

The highlight of the year and one of Omnia’s most anticipated events, their full-blown New Year’s Eve party attracts party people from around the globe. And once the clock hits zero, that aforementioned energy blossoms into a glorifying light show on top of where every person is in their own zone as they sip away at champagne (which everyone gets for free) and prepares to revel with all but abandon.

Omnia special events are not limited to traditional holidays, however. The club also houses party themes at home, a lot of live experiences from high octane “EDC Week” celebrations to more personalized and intimate clubbing via the newly launched ‘Beats & Bottles’ experience.

Omnia Las Vegas sets the standard in taste and innovation whether it is for a The Weeknd performance, pumping bottles – or both at once. Always aiming to set the new gold standard and consistently raising their own bar, the club’s Event team utilises state-of-the-art technology coupled with creative design as they continue in creating bespoke experiences that will see attendees walking away with unforgettable memories.

Resident DJs & Guest Artists at Omnia Las Vegas

VIP Experience at Omnia Las Vegas

The most luxurious and exclusive of all is the VIP experience available for Omnia Las Vegas. When you walk through their doors, you can expect the V.I.P. experience as a high quality mancingduit private service staff that tend only to your needs along with top-bottom bottle services and essential club inclusions!

The richest VIP experience is indeed the Balcony, a private members only area which gives you an even spear clubbing encounter. From here, revelers can enjoy the service of expert mixologists and secure an array of premium bottle selections, along with view that overlooks each curve of light emanating from Temple’s main litany.

But the exclusive experience doesn’t just stop at Omnia’s Balcony. The club also features a variety of private cabanas and VIP tables, each providing an unmatched level comfort and exclusivity. Complete with state-of-the-art entertainment technology and the club’s most luxurious amenities, these spaces offer some of our very best seats in stadium-style settings for those who expect nothing but the finest.

No matter which VIP package you opt for, one thing is guaranteed: You will be given the full on Rockstar treatment at Omnia Las Vegas Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a team of assiduous and discreet personnel who are bent upon making your stay completely flawless. It is a level of service and precision that cannot be replicated in the nightlife world.

Visitor Tips Omnia Las Vegas

And if you are traveling to Omnia Las Vegas, there are several important things that will make your stay THERE even better!

Omnia Las Vegas is the definition of elegant and glitz so make sure bring your A game when it comes to dressing up. Wear your sleek and stylish wardrobe, keeping in mind this club boasts a premium consumer demographic as well.

Get There Early: Omnia Las Vegas is a popular resort and especially on the weekends so you want to get there early before masses pile up outside, plus avoid long wait lines then after all best possible seating and table options will be yours.

Upgrade to VIP: If you really want to make the most of your Omnia experience, then you might also consider treating yourself with a VIP package. It includes the club’s most unique spaces and amenities, along with personalized service-oriented attention.

I mean you will be having so much fun and in high spirit from the atmosphere of Omnia Las Vegas that water may be able to slip your kind. It’s very important for you stay well hydrated. For staying fresh and lively throughout the night. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Hit Up The Whole Venue: Omnia Las Vegas is a large, multi-room club so definitely walk around and check out all the different spaces : Main Room – Terrace – Balcony… Every region promises to leave a mark on your heart, something you will never forget.

Other Attractions And Amenities Close To Omnia Las Vegas

It features an incredible nightclub, but the greater area is also host to a plethora of enticing attractions and amenities worth experiencing during your stay.

Right next to Omnia is Caesars Palace, one of the most well-known resorts and casinos in Las Vegas boasting premier shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Forum Shops at Caesar’s | Gordon Ramsay Pub & GrillIf you’re a Vegas lover, it goes without saying; Caesars is the place to do everything

If shopping is more the order of the day, Fashion Show Mall (with over 250 stores and restaurants) and its striking outdoor plaza – great for people watching!

For those looking for a more laid back and refreshing experience, The Mandarin Oriental and the Wynn Las Vegas both have world-class spas where you can relax unwinding after an epic night at Omnia.

The region that surrounds the venue of Omnia in Las Vegas is one which caters to various interests and tastes. Then why not make the most of your visit and see or experienxe all that there is in this colorful, dynamic neighborhood?!

Omnia Las Vegas is the very embodiment of all that glitters and sparkles on one end, with plenty or extravagance in between witnessed right from within this venerated jewel of a club. Featuring an exquisite layout, top-of-the-line technology and unbeatable artists brought in by some of the most prestigious DJs on the planet; this renowned nighttime destination offers a unique clubbing experience that’s destined to make waves with all its visitors.

Whether you are an avid nightlife fan or someone who just likes to have a good time, Omnia Las Vegas is the perfect place for anyone looking to take advantage of the finer things in life. Then why not come out and join the action of Omnia Nightclub Vegas.

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